Centennial Wedding (February 2012)

I found out about this mass wedding not even an hour after my teacher assigned this project to our class. I reasoned that I would probably be dead before seeing another event celebrating Arizona’s 100th birthday, so I decided to take a shot at being a wedding photographer. I didn’t have much time to prepare, but for what it’s worth, I like the way it came out.

To photograph the wedding, I decided to try something new and use a handy-cam. The great thing about that was it came with a tripod, so I was able to take clear stills. Plus the resolution was better than my Coolpix. The pictures that were good were great. However, without the tripod, it was pretty difficult to take still pictures with the hustle and bustle of the wedding. So many of the pictures of the wedding itself ended up blurry.

The worst were the ones of the couples I’d interviewed on the steps getting married. Lots of people were shifting around in the crowd, so it was difficult to keep the camera steady once I’d found a couple that I recognized. Even the sharpening effect on Photoshop couldn’t save most of the pictures. I had seen one photographer with a step-ladder away from the crowd, which I thought was pretty clever. Maybe next time, I should do the same!

ASU vs. U of A Basketball Game (March 2012)

Well-known for their rivalry, I decided to do a videography assignment about Arizona State University and University of Arizona’s basketball game. I had originally shot the butterfly exhibit at the Botanical Gardens, but wasn’t impressed with the way it came out. I went into this one with no real plan, as my friends had invited me along last-minute.

I’d already turned in my handy-cam and tripod and didn’t have time to re-rent, so I brought the Coolpix with me. After all, it had a video setting on it. In retrospect, I should have used the camera for the slide show, and the handy-cam for this assignment. Go figure.

This was my first time putting together a video package. I find it easier to work with pictures because I don’t have to worry about countless factors interrupting my pictures: noise, a shaky camera messing up one long shot, or random people coming into a shot and not being able to crop them out to name a few. Still, I tried to keep the camera on all of the action and stay focused. However, it’s pretty obvious that my camera isn’t built for professional video. The sound is off in quite a few clips and the quality is less than par. Under the circumstances though, I still like the way that it came out.